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  • Digital Publishing and Multimedia - Cabrillo College, Aptos CA (current)
  • Graphic Designer - School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism - University of Buenos Aires (1985 -1990)
  • Instructor's Training Career - School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism - University of Buenos Aires (1995)
  • Graduate Course in Human Sustainable Development - UNIDA Foundation (1996)


  • Bilingual Bicultural
  • Native Spanish speaker, fluent in English

Computer Skills

  • Dreamweaver, WebCT, HTML, Illustrator, Photoshop, Pagemaker, and QuarkXpress
  • Proficient in word processing, e-mail and the internet

Independent Studies

  • Scientific journalism - Campomar Foundation (1995)
  • TV and video production - U. of Bs. As, Ext. (1993 / 4)
  • Art history - Ethos Institute (1990)
  • Drawing and composition - General San Martin Cultural Center (1986 / 8)
  • Mask-making - General San Martin Cultural Center (1985)
  • Photography - Gimnasia y Esgrima Photoclub (1981)

Work History

  • Student Assistant at Work Based Learning Resource Center. - Cabrillo College (current)
  • Spanish Tutor at Tutorial Center - Cabrillo College (current)
  • Student Assistant at Business & Computer Science Div. - Cabrillo College (1999)
  • Art History Teaching Assistant - U. of Bs. As. (1990 / 7)
  • Production and Editing Assistant at magazine (1997)
  • Assistant at the Center for Design, Production and Research in Multimedia - CEDIPROE (1996)
  • New Technologies and Society Teaching Assistant, U. of Bs. As. (1996)
  • Production assistant in ATC, Argentina Televisora Color (1994)
  • Instructor in Semiology, Palermo University, Bs. As. (1992)

Volunteer Work

  • "Ride a Wave" program, Santa Cruz, Summer 2001
  • Spanish translations at Latin American Summer Institute
  • "Social Change Across Borders," UCSC, September 1999
  • Student Assistant at the Women's Education Project at Antioch University, Seattle, Spring 1999
  • Assistant at the Alchemy of Academic Excellence, Antioch University Faculty 6th Conference, Seattle, February 1999
  • Assistant at the Conference on Participatory Design, University of Washington. Seattle, November 1998

Publications / Presentations

  • In the age of internet we are all designers! The Path: Action-sparking ideas of today for tomorrow. A publication of Syntony Quest. Http:// Vol. 1, No.2, July 2001
  • Navigating globalization through info-design. UNESCO Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems "Our Fragile World: Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Development." EOLSS Publishers 2001 Http://
  • Internet, Emergent Culture and Design. Women@Internet: Creating New Cultures in Cyberspace, Edited by Wendy Harcourt. Zed Books, USA. 1999.
  • A Designerly Way of Knowing, An Interview with Silvia Austerlic. Patterns, ASCD Systems Thinking and Chaos Theory Newsletter, California, January 1999
  • Internet and the Modern Project. Presentation at the virtual seminary on "New technologies and pedagogic challenges", Lund University, Sweden, October 1998
  • Globalization, ICT and Community Design - Presentation at the conference on Gender and globalization, University of California, Berkeley, March 1998
  • New Tendencies of Design in Latin America. Organization: The interdisciplinary journal of organization, theory and society. SAGE Publications, UK. November 1997
  • Informatics and Society. Published at the First Latin American Seminar, U. of Lund, Sweden, October 1997
    In the cutting edge. Development: Journal of Society for International Development. SAGE Publications, UK. September 1997
  • Pymes, Mercosur e Internet: Perceptions about Globalization / Facing exports / Email as a conversational space. Magazine, 1997
  • New Community Networks: An alternative answer to community crisis. Magazine Complejidad, Buenos Aires, June 1996
  • Theory in design. Presentation at Expodiseño '93. Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, University of Buenos Aires, October 1993

Virtual Forums

  • Online Facilitation. A discussion about the skills, techniques and issues around online facilitation in a variety of Internet online environment and virtual communities (since 2001).
  • GAIA Preservation Coalition. A network of interdisciplinary academics and lay people who address global issues and seek their resolution by creating ideas and actions that move humanity towards a more harmonious relationship with Gaia (since 1998 to date)
  • RHLA-L, Latin American Humanists Network. Its purpose is to support collaboration between Latin American researchers from different fields (since 1996 to date)
  • CYBORG-L, Women and Cyberculture. An international virtual network whose purpose is the use of information technology to empower women in the developing world (sponsored by the Society for International Development and the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organizations (1997-99).
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